“The Reunion” casting call

"The Reunion" is a film about four best friends that lost touch and had not spoken for a very long time.  Manny, the fifth member of this troupe, has recently passed away.  His dying wish was for the remaining members gather and read a letter he has written to them.  Kevin, Alex, Leon and Brown must now come to grips with not only the loss of their friend, but also salvage what is left of their friendship and love for one another.

This film will also star Barnett O'Hara from hit television show "Big Time Rush" and the film HARD BREAKERS.

Auditions will be held at 902 E. Tyler Ave., Harlingen, TX 78550 March 31st 10:00am – 6:00pm and April 1st 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Character Bios:

Kevin (male 25-32)  Kevin has married his high school sweetheart Stacey and together they own and operate a local pub and neighborhood watering hole.  Kevin is a large man with broad shoulders and intimidating features contrasted only by his soft and tender eyes.  Kevin has taken the loss of his friend, Manny, very hard but feels hopeful yet nervous to see the rest of the gang.

Brown (male 25-32)  Brown is a very serious and seemingly cold individual that lacks emotion and bases his life on logic.  He has amassed wealth through mastering the science of mathematics and statistics of the stock market.  Brown is on the cusp of a meltdown as he struggles with the emotions of losing Manny because Brown is not used to feeling much of anything and has disciplined himself to avoid emotional reactions.

Stacey (female 20-30)  Stacey is Kevin's wife and has grown up with the five boys since childhood.  She is Kevin's high school sweetheart and is encouraging Kevin to relax and be hopeful to meet with the friends he longed to see for so many years.  She is supportive and endearing but much of her voice and expressions denote a strong woman that cares deeply for her family.

Woman (female 20-30)  The character of Woman is the result of a one night stand with Alex as he wakes up in the morning of her apartment.  She is a girl that was hoping to find her dream man but instead found a nightmare.  This character will be in lingerie or simple underwear and a sports jersey.

Stranger (male 20-40)  As Leon arrives in what he thought was an empty airport, he soon realizes he is not alone.  The stranger is someone that recognizes Leon from television and excitedly approaches him to talk.

This is a non-paying production.  The film is a 30 minute drama.  It is directed by Max Lopez and produced by Javier Gaona.  The production company is El Valle Films.  Email casting@elvallefilms.com for more information.  Click here for their Facebook page.