Results of the 6th Annual 24 Hour Film Dash

Results of the 6th Annual
24 Hour Film Dash

Buried Friendship – Cinema Trolls

Export – Legit Pictures/8×2 Films 
Best Cinematography – Christian Blake 
Best Supporting Actress – Ariel Ireland

Getting Out There – Brick Valley Films 
Best Supporting Actor – Nick Perkins

Legend of the Kid – Three Blind Mice
Most Inebriated Team

Novela – Team Torres
Best Product Placement
Best Fight Scene
Best Script – Martin Torres II
Best Actor – Martin Torres II
1st Runner Up
Audience Choice

Spun – Green Leaf Filming Society
Best Use of a Turkey Baster
Best Slap

Submerged – Dirt With Snow
Best Editing – Edgar Jackson
Best Actress – Virginia Jimenez
Best Director – Armando Gonzalez
Best Film  

Our celebrity judges for the 6th Annual 24 Hour Film Dash were:

Joey Gomez. RGV Beyond Arts & More publisher. Joey has a decade of working in newspapers, magazines and online news outlets. He has a fondness for 1980s B-movies and includes his chance meeting with Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman and the Toxic Avenger as a highlight of his life. Favorite movies: Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Clockwork Orange, Toxic Avenger, Dead Alive, Revenge of the Crippled Masters, and most movies made by Guy Richie.

Danella Hughes. Interim Executive Director of IMAS. Danella is an experienced communications professional, she has a proven track record in almost all areas of Marketing and Advertising. She has continued to be a leader among the Marketing & Advertising industry in highly effective communication strategies not only in Texas, but also across the nation. She earned a Communication Studies from the University of Texas Pan American, 2002.

Ramsey Ramirez. South Texas Horror Con founder. Ramsey is a Rio Grande Valley native and avid film enthusiast. He has collaborated with local filmmakers by acting in several independent projects and stays active in the film community today. Ramsey is the founder of South Texas Conventions, his event company that brings notable classic, cult and contemporary film stars to the RGV as guests at pop culture conventions and expos to meet their South Texas fans.

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