Casting Call for Rio Grande Valley Film “Asset Management”

Casting Call for Rio Grande Valley Film "Asset Management"

Production Title: “Asset Management”
Feature Film
Project Format: HD
Production Location: Rio Grande Valley
Shooting Schedule: 6 days a week for 6 weeks
Producer: John Cain
Writers: Jonathan Solis/John Cain
Director: Jonathan Solis

Synopsis: A large well-funded and well organized terrorist group attempts to assassinate a high ranking Military Official, a Priest, a Federal Judge, and the President of the United States. They declare and wage biological war on the U.S. in an effort to promote their ideology. One man, an FBI informant, holds the key that can stop them. The only problem… he's been undercover so long he barely knows what's real.

Character breakdowns:

John: Age 23-25, clean cut, athletic build, extremely smart, photographic memory, casual dresser. Owns a successful consulting firm. He has a wife and three kids. He's straight edge, and very charming.

Amy: Age 23-25, Hispanic, very beautiful, stay at home mom. She is John's wife and she is extremely loyal. Her family is everything to her, and she supports her husband very much. She is a very tasteful woman, she is the family backbone. She is terrified that John is going to be killed…or worse.

Jesse: 28-33, medium height and build, wears metal t-shirts and blue jeans. Very outgoing and appears to be friendly. Has a deep love of freedom and an even deeper hatred for the government. He's extremely intelligent; he had a doctorate in law and communications by the age of 22. He's an outdoor type, and loves attention. He lives pretty much off the grid and runs a glass blowing shop out of his house.

Billy: 30-35, thin, has severe social anxiety, PTSD, and constantly pops Xanax. He never bathes or brushes his teeth and smells disgusting. He lives in a shack in the middle of his sixty acre ranch with his seventeen year old cousin/wife. He is a weapons and explosives expert. He is also a bisexual. He's very quiet and barely says a word, when he does, it's barely audible. Once he comes out of his "shell" he will tell lengthy stories of his various projects and victims.

Jay Dee: 25-30, thin with glasses. He's loud and boisterous, a real people pleaser. Though underneath his smile is a sociopathic genius. He hates everyone and is the most evil of the group. He lives in a house surrounded by fences and fields where he collects guns, explosives, chemicals, even slaves, for his "plan". He is the mastermind behind the whole operation.

Aaron: 25-30, Muscular, tall. He is fairly new to the Valley. He is an ex mechanic from California. He lives alone, in an RV park. He is very intelligent and extremely intense. He's a spiffy dresser, always slacks and a button up. Though he will go through a slow decent into insanity as the story progresses. By the end he is just as dirty as Billy, and just as crazy as Jay Dee.

Albert: 23-27, muscular, a very nice gentleman. He is the FBI agent that “enlists” John. He’s kind of a southern good ole boy type. Clean cut, formal, tells bad jokes but to him they are funny.

Shawn: 23-25, wiry, former MMA fighter. Very dry, very matter of fact. Strictly by the book. Shawn takes over as “Lead Agent” and coordinates the investigation. He brings John back from the edge.

Paid/non-paid: non-paid
Other/ additional compensation: film credit, DVD copy
Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: meals, snacks, and beverages
Production Company: Anxiety Cinema/Ulsterman Films
Email your casting submissions to:

Special notes for potential Cast/Crew: Must be willing to travel and cover own expenses (travel, lodging, etc.). Serious people only. This is a serious film. Voluntary work. Only food/snacks and water will be provided on location during production. Persons interested must attend auditions on May 20th, 2012. Also, cast must commit for both the rehearsal period and the shooting period. Rehearsals will be 5 days per week for 3 weeks before principal photography.

Audition date: May 20th, 2012
Time 1:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Black Cherry Boutique, 312 N. Cage, Pharr, Tx 78577