Young San Benito filmmaker advances to State semi-finals

San Benito High School sophomore and Audio/Video Production student Hanna Benavides advanced to the University Interscholastic League (UIL) State Semi-Finals in the District 6A Division II State UIL Young Filmmakers Festival 2021.

This state-level competition provides students the opportunity to explore and create art in screenplay production.

A second year A/V Production class student, Benavides received a score of 1 in the Narrative Film Category by all UIL film judges, which is the highest score given to young film directors.

Benavides received her inspiration in storytelling from her father, who passed away in 2017. He was a producer and screen writer in California, and from a very young age, she grew up in that environment.

“I created ‘Glamour Girls’ from models, magazines, celebrities, people’s insecurities, and is about 3:50 minutes long,” said Benavides.

“I am very proud of Hanna’s accomplishments. She is an exceptional student,” said San Benito High School Advanced Audio/Video Production Instructor Joel Rodriguez.

Benavides plans to major in Cinematography and Screenplay Writing.  She plans to write stories for movies and television shows.

Her productions are currently being evaluated at the local, state, and national level in diverse competitions.  The results will be available at the end of the month.

Congratulations and good luck, Ms. Benavides!



Young San Benito filmmaker advances to State semi-finals