‘Waffles + Mochi’: Brownsville native stars in Netflix show

Harlingen, Texas (KVEO) —There’s a new kid’s cooking show premiering on Netflix on Tuesday. It’s called “Waffles + Mochi.”

The Netflix show stars former First Lady Michelle Obama who helps two puppets reach their dream of becoming chefs.

“So, in the show I play Waffles,” said Michelle Zamora, a puppeteer and Brownsville native.

“She comes into our world not really tasting fresh food, and she just wants to be a chef, that’s her dream,” said Zamora. “She dreams of being a chef one day with her pal Mochi.”

Michelle Zamora, Brownsville native stars in Netflix show with Michelle Obama.

Zamora said that playing Waffles has been one of her most gratifying roles yet.

The show aims to encourage kids and adults to cook together, while also connecting them to global cultures.

The show is slated for 10 episodes, all of them around 20 minutes long.

Zamora said that getting this gig has allowed her to fulfill her lifelong dream of puppeteering.

“I did two callbacks and I got a call from Pria who is at Higher Ground, and she said ‘do you want to be our Waffles?’ and I freaked out because I knew at that moment this is something I’ve been waiting for 20 years doing puppets in Los Angeles,” Zamora said.

“Me and my sister just grew up in a household that fostered so much creativity, and they just allowed us to play with our VHS camcorders, our cousins would come over and we would do all kinds of videos, we just had a great time letting our imaginations run wild.”

The show’s creators said that they hope to do for eating, what Sesame Street did for learning for children years ago.

“I think with the great legends of puppetry, all those greats, they laid the groundwork for  puppetry.”

“Growing up I didn’t  see many people that were puppeteering that looked like me, so if I can follow my dream and puppeteer, and travel the world with Waffles + Mochi, I’m pretty sure you can do whatever you want.”

And following your dreams while working alongside a former First Lady isn’t too bad either.

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