Slacker 2011


CineSol Film Festival & the Historic Cine El Rey Theatre have teamed up with the Texas Independent Film Network and the Austin Film Society to present 1st Tuesday of the month movie screenings. February's screening will be SLACKER 2011.

Richard Linklater's SLACKER inspired a generation of American filmmakers by exploring the
subculture of Austin, Texas in a loose narrative with a tapestry of quirky characters. Celebrating the 20th
anniversary of that iconic movie, 24 of Austin's top filmmakers banded together to update SLACKER
with their own perspectives on the city. SLACKER 2011 is a stream-of-consciousness chronicle of a day
in Austin, presenting the city-dwellers, dragworms, proto-hipsters and locations that give the city its
modern identity. The film showcases a transformed town next to things that never change. SLACKER
2011 is an homage to twenty years of independent filmmaking, presenting the city's changing face and
showcasing some of its most exciting talent.

Some familiar directors include Chris Eska (AUGUST EVENING, which we screened in 2008), Bob Ray (HELL ON WHEELS, which we screened in 2009), Clay Liford (WUSS, which we screened September 2011 and "My Mom Smokes Weed" in 2009), and Miguel Alvarez (we have screened several of his movies including "Tadpoles" (2007), "Kid" (2008), "Mnemosyne Rising" (2010) and he also directed THE TRAINEE, which we had the world premiere back in September 2011).

February 7, 2012 at 7pm

Cine El Rey

311 S. 17th St

McAllen, TX