RGV Film Commission Looking for Movie Sites

There are 2 movies looking for sites to film specific scenes. Below are descriptions of what is needed. If you have ideas AND PHOTOS of locations in the Valley that might work, please forward them ASAP to nmillar@mcallencvb.com and we will forward them on to the film producers. This could potentially bring in temp jobs on the films into the Valley. Thanks for your help.

CloseUp Cinema
Main Location Needs to Bring Film to Area The building looks like Campus for Jewish Children
(Word War II)
Project Information
Project Name "Shooting star"
Project Status In Development
Type of Project Other
Anticipated Budget Under $500,000
Start Date November 8, 2010
End Date November 22, 2010
Location Request Information


Contact Information
  Battleship Delta-Universal
Project Information  
Project Name Battleship
Project Status Funded
Type of Project Feature
Anticipated Budget Over $100 million
Start Date August 24, 2010
End Date December 18, 2010
Location Request Information
Needs to Bring Film to Area  

Universal's major Summer 2012 release has finished filming in Hawaii and is now working in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are searching for a piece of freeway in order to do a major stunt sequence for our film. We need at least a half mile of opposing parallel freeway/roads (3 or 4 lanes wide in each direction) with a divider (6-8 lanes total). It can be divided with K-rail or some other barrier.  The freeway/road can be ground level or elevated.  The road should be reasonably flat and straight.  It can be concrete or asphalt. It cannot be a bridge with a superstructure above it. 

  We need control of this for 2 weeks (prep, 4 days shooting and strike). 
We will entertain closing a road, a road under construction, an abandoned road or anything you can show us pictures of. 
Be creative. This is a major action piece of Battleship and we will travel to get it right.