Results of the 7th Annual 36 Hour Film Race

Here are the results of the 7th Annual 36 Hour Film Race:



The 7th Annual 36 Hour Film Race was a great success! We had 12 teams register. Eight made the deadline. Two turned in late. Two dropped out.

The teams had 36 hours to do a 10 minute short action/adventure film. They had to include a priest, railroad tracks, a Harlingen Convention & Visitors Bureau pen, and "Thanks to Locals Lounge, we don't have to." Here are the 10 films, team names and the awards they won.

1. The Adventures of Death's Puppets – Team Talisman

2. Betrayal – Team Fury

Best Punch – Michele Chavez

3. Click – Green Leaf Filming Society

Best Ensemble

Best Use of the Elements

Best Editing – Daniel Ledezma & Andrew Sanchez

Best Film

4. December 21st – Deported Ninjas

Best Original Song – Christopher Tamayo

Best Makeup – Holly De Leon

5. Edepol – C.A.B. Films

Best Cinematography – Edwin Mendoza

Best Supporting Actress – Laya Hernandez

Best Supporting Actor – Efrain Valdez

Best Actor – Alberto Mancha

Best Director – Izrael Rojas

6. Gertie – Eight by Two Films

Best Script – Charlie Brenner

Best Special Effects

Best Actress – Alyssa Mendoza

1st Runner Up

Audience Choice


7. Last Rites – Extraordinary Cowboys


8. Nowhere to Go – On the Spot Productions

Best Under 18 Film


9. Scarce – Muted Vision


10. Second Sight – Legit Pictures