“Our Quinceañera” debuts with red carpet glamour

HARLINGEN, Texas – A new documentary follows a local principal giving young girls the Quinceañera of their dreams.

“Our Quinceañera” shares the story of Gilbert Galvan, who is the principal at San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy. Every year he raises money for his students who cannot afford to have a quinceañera. Galvan’s son was one of the producers in the film.

He talks about how his father and the community made this all happen.

Gilbert Galvan Jr., “The whole town, the whole community comes together. From people providing food, to the school putting on a lot of things, to girls not having to pay for the dress that could cost up to $2,000.”

The joint quinceañera has evolved into one of the biggest celebrations the school has ever seen. Last year 80 girls participated in the event. The film debuted in Harlingen where many people walked the red carpet.