NOW, FORAGER free screening

The Texas Independent Film Network, The Austin Film Society, Cine El Rey and CineSol Film Festival are  proud to present NOW, FORAGER as the feature film for March. NOW, FORAGER is a film that follows the trials and tribulations of a couple that forage for exotic mushrooms that they sell to high-end restaurants. This foodie-centric narrative drama is sure to excite the palate of culinary enthusiasts!

Cine El Rey
311 S. 17th St.
McAllen, TX 78505

Tuesday, March 5, 2013.  7pm.  FREE movie.  FREE popcorn.


Directed by Jason Cortlund and Julia Halperin

Lucien and Regina are foragers – they gather wild mushrooms in the woodlands of New Jersey and sell them to restaurants in New York. Their lifestyle is simple, their income unstable. To improve the financial security and to follow a more fulfilling personal career path, Regina decides to take a job cooking at a high-end restaurant. Lucien disapproves and instead, he proposes to give up their apartment and live as full-time itinerant foragers. As individual desires take them down divergent paths over the course of a year, their marriage slowly comes apart.


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