From McHi to Hollywood for Max Decker

McALLEN — About 75 McAllen ISD alumni socialized in the Lamar Academy gym Saturday night for a small reunion.

One woman who sat among the crowd was Isabel Decker, not only graduate from the district but a long-time educator who has taught for more than 30 years at different school districts and is now a substitute teacher with McAllen ISD.

“I encourage the students to become somebody and focus on college and realize their dreams,” she said.

She wasn’t at the reunion representing herself; instead, she was more focused on letting people know about her son, an only child, Maximillian A. Decker, and how he is making a name for himself in Hollywood.

She described herself as type of mother who was always behind her son, pushing him to be successful.

“I was always behind him – behind him. I didn’t live my life, I lived his life,” she said. “He never gave me any problem. He was a very good student.”

Her son graduated from McAllen High in 1995 and, after graduation, changes his name to Max Decker.

“The same year (1995), he was participating in (modeling) contests for J.C. Penney,” she said.

J.C. Penney named him model of the year in 1998.

“(When he was younger) he never dreamed of becoming an actor,” she said.

After the modeling gig, he stumbled upon acting.

He entered a casting contest and won, which gained him a spot in the ABC soap opera, All My Children.

“I have all his soap magazines during his time in All My Children,” his mom said.

Max Decker owns and operates his own acting studio called, Max Acting Studio Live in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Besides acting, he is also a producer and director.

“I always wanted him to be a teacher or coach, but that was his dream,” she said. “He did a good job, I’m very proud of him,” she said.