First Movie Produced At High School Level By RGV Students

PHARR, Texas – More than 80 students from PSJA Southwest Early College High School produced the first movie produced at a high school level.

Barry Glasser, an English teacher, with film background, wrote the screenplay. The film, “Time For A Champion”, is an inspirational sports story that depicts the life of a homeless Latina girl who overcomes a background of neglect and poverty.

The film will be distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation—a company based in the Los Angeles area.

It also shows the impact of bullying. “Right now it’s playing around the country in special screening’s sponsored by anti-bullying groups,” said Glasser. “It’s a fictional story but there’s a lot of truth in it.”

Glasser said as a teacher, he is “able to observe what goes on among students.”

Senior Fermin Haro was among the students who worked on the film. He said working on the film was a lifetime opportunity.

“It’s showing me all the stuff I can do,” Haro said. “All these doors that I thought were closed, they’re now open for me and it’s exciting.”

Haro is originally from California, “I actually think I was a bit depressed back at home I’m a lot happier now.”

Jackeline Martinez was the cinematographer for the movie.  She said she learned teamwork while working on the movie.

“Personally I like to work alone because you are it’s your failures it’s your experience but in a movie you can’t do it by yourself you need your help of your partners of your friends have your team workers,” Martinez said.

“Time For A Champion” will stream on various Video On-Demand platforms, cable, broadcast and on DVD. It will be released in July.

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD hosted the film screening Saturday, April 8.