AUDITIONS 2014 UTUTPA PAST Summer Feature Film “La Gran Distancia”

Auditions will be held March 3rd and 4th, both days at 7pm-10pm in the Albert L. Jeffers Theatre in the ARHU building. All roles for the film are unpaid and are open to the community, not just students. Most roles are bilingual but we are very open to seeing all English-speaking actors. Actors with headshots and resumes will be seen first.




Fantasy / Drama


Julia Sanchez has been dead for seven years, stuck in a purgatory beneath the local cemetery in an unnamed

Mexican town. During Día de los Muertos, spirits are allowed to venture to the living world and receive offerings left by their families. Those that are forgotten by their loved ones remain underground as, ironically, their memories begin to fade of their former lives. After another disappointing year, Julia is determined to make her way to the world above no matter the consequences. However, she discovers both her grave and old home abandoned; her family has moved across the border into the U.S. If she is to ever rest in peace, Julia must take a dangerous journey to find them.





Julia: Early 20's-Mid 30's. The protagonist of the story. Julia is the spirit of a young woman that escapes

purgatory in order to find her family.


Doña Conchita:  Late 40's – Early 70's. A recently deceased elderly neighbor of Julia who hasn't realized she is dead.


Dark Figure: Any age. Non-gender specific. A shadowy spirit that follows Julia as she starts her journey, but whose

intentions are not entirely clear.


Santiago: Early teens-Early 20's. A surly teenager who knows more than he lets on.


Carmen:  Early 20's-Mid 30's. A strict woman, Carmen is tormented by a dark secret and her own guilt.


Felipe: Late 20's-Late 30's. A man of few words, Felipe is a widow and can't seem to let go of the memory of his late wife.


Lupita: 5-12. A sickly child, Lupita is slowly regaining her health and trying to uncover a long hidden secret.


Curandero:  Late 40's – Early 70's. A mysterious blind old man who lives in the middle of the desert, and can see the dead. 


We are also looking for extras of all ages.


For more information, please contact (210) 825-7158