2010 Workshops

Here are the workshop topics 


"Ghost Were People Too" by Professional Investigative Multi-Paranormal Society 90m
Footage of our findings during past investigations.
Hauntings, Types of hauntings, What to do and not to do.
Trespassing, How to properly investigate, precautions,
equipment, angelology, instruments not to use and a walk
(mini investigation around the museum).


“How to Make it in Hollywood” by Arlene Santana 60m


Special Effects Workshop by Carter Robinson 60m


“Filmmaking 101 – Independent and Industry Perspectives” by Jojo Henrickson & John Estrada 60m

How to develop, produce and distribute your film. Followed by a Q&A.


“Post Production Workflow for an Indie Film Before you Shoot” by Steven Escobar


Independent filmmaking is all fun and games until you hit post-production. Imagine you finish your film and submit your DVD to a film festival and they accept it. Now, you just need to get them the film on HDCAM SR tape to project digitally. As you scramble to get this delivery completed, you discover a major issue that requires fixing before you can out to HDCAM – an issue that resulted from a bad decision early in your post-production workflow (perhaps the media is no longer connected correctly to your offline edit). Imagine if this is a distributor that needs it next week, what do you do?

Steven will discuss how you can set-up your post-production workflow from your first cut to your output to tape for film festivals and/or distributors. He will also discuss what problems may arise and how you can overcome while maintaining the highest quality.

(Pre-requisite: some knowledge of Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer, but not necessary. )