14th Annual Cinesol Film Festival Premiere Weekend guests!

Pedro Garcia (SAG actor) – Acting Workshop presenter, C.H. Morris – Stuntfighting Workshop presenter, Carter Robinson – Special Effects and Makeup Workshop presenter, Michael Mascha – acclaimed documentarian, Shannon Sauceda – panel presenter who made appearances in Desperate Housewives and Rush Hour 3, Carlos Moreno – panel presenter who appeared in Delta Farce and Transformers. Director of HABANERO, David Dominguez – director of THE HOLES IN THE DOOR, Stephen Belyeu – director of BACK (some cast and crew may attend), Eduardo Clorio – director of CUENTAME UN CUENTO, Tray White – director of IMPALER, Robert Guthrie – lead actor from EXPIRATION DATE, Lynne Moon – TAFTP president (Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals), Rebecca Lee Mesa – actress (played young Selena in SELENA)