27th Annual Film Festival Schedule

The 27th Annual CineSol Film Festival will be streaming live on Facebook!  Please go to CineSol’s Facebook page (click here) for the Event Pages for each of the screenings.


Saturday, December 19th


Shorts Block #1.  1:00pm – 1:42pm.

Milk Toast directed by Will Berry.  4 minutes.  Short.  A man faces an existential crisis over toast.

Back Home directed by Pedro Perez Nunez.  4 minutes.  Short.  A hardworking immigrant returns home after a long journey to become an American citizen.  https://www.wildbirdstudios.com/backhomeshortfilm

Con Dios directed by Carlos Ibarra.  13 minutes.  Short.  Seventeen-year-old Pablo Sanchez is an aspiring architect longing to go to college. But with no clear path to citizenship, Pablo’s growing anxiety causes him to take actions that go against his moral code.

The Girl Next Door directed by Donna Wheeler.  19 minutes.  Short.  A prodigy musician trapped in a rural town fights for her freedom to achieve greatness.


Shorts Block #2.  2:00pm – 2:55pm

No Takebacks directed by Adam Van Wagoner.  3 minutes.  Animated Short.  Through his suicide attempt, Rob Peterson receives an out-of-body experience.

Noche Loca directed by Julio Cesar Gonzalez.  27 minutes.  Short.  Three girls have a road trip adventure when their car breaks down and they come across some undocumented people. When dealing with this their differences lead to a disagreement. After realizing they were genuine people their mindset on poor people changes.

En Otro Paraiso directed by Michael Mireles.  24 minutes.  Short.  Two sisters struggle to settle in the U.S. after their mother is deported.


The Place We Hide directed by Erik Bernard.  82 minutes.  Feature.  A brilliant psychoanalyst is trapped in an elevator with a man sent to kill her.  3:00pm – 4:12pm


Theatre of Rice and Beans directed by Tony Mata.  60 minutes.  Documentary.  More than half a century ago, scoring a many-faceted victory against racism, stereotyping, sexism, and the economic odds, René Buch, Miriam Colón and Max Ferra founded what are still New York City’s three most influential Latino playhouses: Repertorio Español, the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, and INTAR.  https://www.theatreofriceandbeans.com/.  4:30pm – 5:30pm



Sunday, December 20th

Margarita Man directed by Daniel Ramos.  95 minutes.  Feature.  A young man, who fears he will grow up to be like his working class father, goes to college where his love for the party gets him cut off financially and forces him to sell margaritas in order to stay in school.  1:00pm – 2:35pm.  https://margaritamanmovie.com/


Interview with Daniel Ramos, Margarita Man director, actor Anthony Guajardo, and Barry Corbin.  2:36pm – 3:51pm


Ode to Passion directed by Jack Danini.  128 minutes.  Feature.  In New York City, a young writer’s resolute belief in true love is put to the test by a beautiful girl and her struggle with addiction. This original rock musical drama is made unique by its non-musical scenes spoken purely in verse. 3:52pm – 6:00pm.  https://odetopassionmovie.com/


Interview with Jack Danini, director of Ode to Passion.  6:00pm – 7:00pm.