24th Annual Film Festival Schedule

The 24th Annual CineSol Film Festival will be held at Cine El Rey on November 18-19.  311 S 17th St, McAllen, TX 78501.

We will be screening 33 independent films over two days!  Films include six documentaries, three features, and 26 shorts.  The films are from all over the world, such as 1 from Argentina, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, and France.  Four from Spain and two from Colombia.

AND the Texas Filmmakers’ Showcase!  AND the 12th Annual 36 Hour Film Race Results!

Every event is $5 except for Created Equal and 36 Hour Film Race Results.  Those two events are $10.  A Weekend Pass is $50.  For more information, call 956-793-8783.



Union Leader directed by Sanjay Patel.  105 minutes.  Feature.  Canada.  Resigned to his fate as a worker in a notoriously shoddy chemical plant, Jay realizes that he must not only find a way to support his family, but also overcome grave social and legal injustice in the system.  https://www.facebook.com/unionleaderthefilm/  Saturday, November 18th.  12:00pm-1:45pm.


Shorts #1.  Saturday, November 18.  1:55pm-3:11pm.

Films include:

Midnight Oil:  The Making of a Mural directed by Larry Ray Causey II.  25 minutes.  Documentary.  The journey of a West Texas artist as she researches, designs and paints a large mural depicting the history of oil discovery in the Permian Basin.  Shorts Block #1.  Saturday, November 18th.  1:55pm-3:11pm.

Texas Trail Blazer directed by Myles Smythe.  24 minutes.  Documentary.  This film is the story of Trail Racing Over Texas, the largest trail running race company in Texas putting on events from 5k to 100 mile distance races.  http://www.texastrailblazermovie.com.  Shorts Block #1.  Saturday, November 18th.  1:55pm-3:11pm.

Metal Road directed by Sarah Del Seronde.  27 minutes.  Documentary.  Metal Road follows the Navajo Railroaders on the 9001 Heavy Steel Gang on one work day.  https://metalroadfilm.com/.  Shorts Block #1.  Saturday, November 18th.  1:55pm-3:11pm.


Jornalero directed by Julio Gonzalez.  58 minutes.  Feature.  Juan is an undocumented immigrant who came to the United States from Mexico. He and his mom to look for a better life, but all they find are problems and rejection of people, in the end Juan finds a person who extends his hand and helps him but is too late because he decided to return to Mexico.  https://www.facebook.com/jornalerocortometraje/  Saturday, November 18th.  3:20pm-4:18pm


Shorts #2.  Saturday, November 18.  4:45pm-6:02pm.

Films include:

So Far, So Good (Hasta Aqui Toda Va Bien) directed by Ernesto Lozano Redondo.  20 minutes.  Short.  Colombia.  The daily life of a popular neighborhood in Bogotá is interrupted by a man threatening to commit suicide by jumping into the void. Echeverry, an old mariachi and Jacinto, a gambling addict, will bet the money they have to the man’s decision.  Shorts Block #2.  Saturday, November 18th.  4:45pm-6:02pm.

False Flag directed by Asier Urbieta.  11 minutes.  Short.  A jeep drives through a port zone by night and enters an apparently abandoned warehouse. Shorts Block #2.  Saturday, November 18th.  4:45pm-6:02pm.

Renewable (Renovable) directed by Jon Garano & Jose Mari Goenaga.  13 minutes.  Short.  Tania meets her ex, Josean, at a conference.  Shorts Block #2.  Saturday, November 18th.  4:45pm-6:02pm.

Wedded or Bachelor directed by Cristina Piernas.  9 minutes.  Short.  Spain.  In a world dominated by women, Bernardo will have to get through a singular interview to access to the secretary’s position that he wishes.  Shorts Block #2.  Saturday, November 18th.  4:45pm-6:02pm.

Preliminaries directed by Teresa Bellon.  3 minutes.  Short.  Spain.  She is a strong woman who strives to enjoy life again. He is an awkward man who only cares about living up to it. It’s time for the foreplay. Shorts Block #2.  Saturday, November 18th.  4:45pm-6:02pm.

I Don’t Love You Anymore directed by Francisco Hervada Martin.  2 minutes.  Short.  Spain.  The time ends with everything, except with the promises.  Shorts Block #2.  Saturday, November 18th.  4:45pm-6:02pm.

Down Under directed by  Fernando Gonzalez Gomez.  19 minutes.  Short.  Spain.  Set in 1981, Daniel  goes to the Tenant population in the American Southwest, and passes an old familiar Chevy.  In this place there are very few cars, it is not advisable to travel alone if those ditches talk… Shorts Block #2.  Saturday, November 18th.  4:45pm-6:02pm.


Shorts #3.  Saturday, November 18.  6:15pm-7:28pm

Films include:

Marieke directed by Thomas C. Johnson.  7 minutes.  Documentary.  Marieke explores the life and craft of Marieke Penterman, acclaimed Dutch Gouda cheesemaker from Thorp, Wisconsin.  https://www.facebook.com/mariekedocfilm/.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.

Mariachi Madness directed by Nadia Zoe.  12 minutes.  Short.  When his girlfriend’s 16 year old cat dies while under his care, Alex turns to his father, a former mariachi, for help. As the Mexican community grows in New York City, so do the challenges of romancing traditions.  http://www.rorbi.com/mariachi.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.

ESKIMO directed by Robyn Killian.  6 minutes.  Short.  On the verge of relapsing on heroin, after hearing his best friend died from an overdose, Devin Walters, a recovering addict struggles to find meaning in his life. He receives and unexpected visit that changes everything.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.

Dad directed by Antonio Aguinaga.  14 minutes.  Short.  A Mexican widower and son’s relationship is put to the test when the son discovers his dad’s most intimately kept secret.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.

Sometimes directed by Sarah May.  12 minutes.  Short.  When Jake hears mysterious sounds coming from his parents’ bedroom, he enlists his sister to help him investigate and winds up getting more of an explanation than he asked for.  https://www.facebook.com/DKASometimes/.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.

Brothers directed by Troy Elliott.  15 minutes.  Short.  When war hits the California coast, a 19-year-old takes desperate action to get his little brother to safety in the final hours before his deployment.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.

American Dreamer directed by Agatha Bacelar.  5 minutes.  Short.  The turbulent and inspiring story of Priscilla, an undocumented immigrant teacher who has been living in the Rio Grande Valley for most of her life, and what it means to be part of a mix-status family where some family members are American citizens, some are temporarily protected by DACA, and some get deported.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.

Al Fin Del Rio directed by Edwin Mendoza.  12 minutes.  Letti is a teenager who is struggling with the fact that she could lose her father at any moment. After losing her mother early in life, she has inherited responsibilities which include taking care of her little brother. The idea that she might have to carry all of the responsibilities frightens her, because she has her own aspirations in life.  Shorts Block #3.  Saturday, November 18th.  6:15pm-7:28pm.


Created Equal directed by Bill Duke.  91 minutes.  Feature.  A cocky, up-and-coming attorney, begrudgingly takes on a case to sue the Archdiocese of New Orleans for sex discrimination; after a woman, who’s desperate to become a priest, solicits his help.  https://www.facebook.com/createdequalmovie/.  Saturday, November 18th.  Doors open at 8pm.  8:30pm-10:00pm.  $10.




The Man Who Saw Too Much directed by Trisha Ziff.  89 minutes.  Documentary.  Mexico.  At 9 years old, avid cinephile Enrique Metinides began photographing corpses in the street. Despite his age, the passion soon landed him a job with the tabloids and he was given license to follow his morbid obsession.  https://www.facebook.com/The-Man-Who-Saw-Too-Much-1438499449790416/http://themanwhosawtoomuch.com/site/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGr5wG2Y-rw  Sunday, November 18th.  12:00pm-1:30pm.


Shorts #4.  Saturday, November 19.  1:45pm-2:50pm.

Films include:

Tiger Toilet directed by Laurence Unger.  1 minute.  Animated Short.  ‘Tiger Toilet’ reveals a minute in the life of a deeply conflicted and dangerous toilet. The toilet comically personifies the self-destructive agony of casual rejection.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

Virtual Actors in Chinese Opera directed by Tobia Gremmler.  3 minutes.  Experimental Short.  Hong Kong.  Created for a theater production that fuses Chinese Opera with New Media, the virtual actors are inspired by shapes, colors and motions of traditional Chinese costumes and dance. The project explores how costumes and motions can virtually reshape a human body.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

Darrel directed by Marc Briones Piulachs.  3 minutes.  Animated Short.  Spain.  Exchange of glances in the metro. How many opportunities have you let slip? Darrel will do everything possible to not let escape this one… Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

Playing House directed by Cenk Koksal.  3 minutes.  Animated Short.  Turkey.  A little girl is playing house by herself. She makes food out of toys and sets the table. Then a little boy comes in, and she greets him with joy. But things are getting darker as they are pretending… Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

History of Magic:  Ensueno directed by Jose Luis Gonzalez.  5 minute.  Animated Short.  When the high school bell rings, Ester Bolaños escapes her small, border-town high school. But when she rides her beloved bike all the way home, Ester escapes reality. To feel alive, she imagines every fantastical way she could die.  http://ojoflojo.com.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

Memorial directed by Natchapat Drive & Natthawat Dos Jamtaksa.  5 minutes.  Animated short.  Thailand.  After the war comes to an end in the country, a teenage girl takes a train back to her childhood town, where she had left during the war. Then the yearning brings back her memories of her father.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

Water Path for a Fish (Camino de Agua Para un Pez) directed by Mercedes Marro.  7 minutes.  Animated Short.  Colombia.  It’s a starry night when Oscar sees from his window a little goldfish jumping on a dirty puddle. Two cats are watching from the shadows. Oscar will help the goldfish through a rampant adventure with the lack of water as a backdrop.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

Second to None directed by Vincent Gallagher.  7 minutes.  Animated Short.  Ireland.  Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman, the older by a mere minute, becomes the world’s oldest man, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

The Best Teacher directed by Angeles Chapa & Moises Navarro.  7 minutes.  Short.  A teacher gives step by step instructions on how to follow in his footsteps.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

Corp. directed by Pablo Polledri.  9 minutes.  Animated short.  Argentina.  Ambition, labor exploitation, contamination, corruption and more in the wonder world of free trade.  Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.

A Whole World for a Little World directed by Fabrice Bracq.  15 minutes.  France.  A woman tells a great story to her baby. In the manner of a tale with princes and princesses, she tries to remain in the memories she passes on her daughter. Shorts Block #4.  Sunday, November 19th.  1:45pm – 2:50pm.


Gore/Special Effects Workshop.  Workshop will be presented by Bridgette Trevino of AlterSwitch.  She will be discussing basic wounds.  She will also be showing how to do the trypophobia look.  She will be doing Q&A as well. Sunday, November 19.  3:15pm-4:15pm.


12th Annual 36 Hour Film Race Results.  Sunday, November 19, 2017.  Doors open at 4:30pm.  Screening starts at 5pm.  $10.




Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Houston Filmmakers’ Showcase @ Cine El Rey.  8pm

FREE screening

CineSol Film Festival, Cine El Rey and the Houston Film Commissionpresent the Texas Filmmakers’ Showcase 2017.

Each year the Houston Film Commission puts together a collection of exemplary Texas short films and tours it, showing these homegrown marvels far and wide.

(FREE movie screening!! And we will be giving away limited copies of the DVD.)

Here are the SIX short films:

Five Star (26:40 min.) by Ryan Booth & Henry Proegler – Austin, TX

With 41 full-ride Division I scholarship offers, Brandon Jones is one of the most heavily recruited high school football players in the country. But beneath the stats, the college offers, and the very real possibility of achieving his dreams of playing in the NFL, he’s just a kid. And he’s facing the biggest decision of his life.

Flown (20:38 min.) by Mark Blumberg – Austin, TX

A former astronaut’s adjustment to civilian life is upended by the death of a young test pilot.

The Gold Line (12:52 min.) by Lance Childers – Houston, TX

The sun breaks the horizon and covers the Houston skyline in morning light and long shadows. This is the beginning of the golden hour. Inside his apartment, Steven just woke up and had an epiphany, an idea for a great graffiti mural. After roughly sketching his idea, he leaves his apartment and skateboards toward the Houston skyline. Along the way, he is inspired by the stunning visuals that come with a great sunrise. At the same time, five other young skateboarders are navigating their own individual paths through the urban landscape of downtown Houston. The day, and their lives have just begun. Few will ever be this alive and awake.

Imago (8:00 min.) by Liz Cardenas Franke – Dallas, TX

The courageous, life-altering decision to never let anyone bully him again – not even his own father – leads a 15-year-old gay teen to fully embrace his true identity. Based on a true story.

Native (15:00 min.) by Travis Champagne – The Woodlands, TX

While on a ceremonial walkabout a young boy must defend his tribe against a mysterious force.

Shilo (9:00 min.) by Tyler Russell – Austin, TX

In 2006 a young man on his second deployment with the 10th Mountain Division arrived into war-torn Baghdad. His name is Shilo Harris. He had left his home behind, as his father did for Vietnam, to fulfill his destiny and serve his country. Five months later, his severely burned body was recovered alongside three fallen soldiers and their exploded armored vehicle. How Staff Sergeant Harris survived against all odds and became the man he was meant to be is the unforgettable story of ‘Shilo’.